I feel kinda trashy so im gonna take a bath and put on some pants i guess..!


So…I was kind of ok with the writing. I really like the idea of Haru seeing professional swimmers who love to swim and who swim for the pleasure of swimming and not things like times or medals. That’s all great. I’m totally up for Haru going to Australia or Europe or America and seeing the world and training with people equally as passionate about swimming as he is.

The one thing I’m not ok with: the timing.

Like, are you kidding me? I’m supposed to believe that in the span of 24 hours, Haru goes from this


to this


Are you kidding me?!

It just doesn’t work like that. I know that he’s a teenager, but even teenagers need time process their emotions. It’s unrealistic to whiplash from as depressed as you have ever been after the first and worst fight you’ve had with your best and most precious friend to “I’ve found my dream” in that kind of time span.

All that episode had to do was hold on a little bit, wait at least until Haru got back to Japan before he says that he’s found his dream. Just leave that last scene for a week later, when both teams are there. It would’ve been perfect, too. Like right before they’re about to go to nationals, both teams are together. Haru & Rin stand up and declare their convictions to continue to be rivals and see the world etc. etc. It would have been beautiful.

But no, I’m just sitting here thinking “what the hell did I just watch?”